Everybody welcome: The WDC is the voice of collegiate to our students & faculties as a knowledge hub through KHEL-KEHL MAI PARAHI (learn through Sporting activity) Concept, as after the decades of understanding, we understand this the best way about learning anything from small to big.

Who could be part of WDC- Everyone, who love technology for innovation. Generally, people from various background are communicating and joining, specially from Computer Science, Engg. AI, Robotics. Mgt., Drones, designing, automobile and other part of education background, and everyone like to contribute something for the development of knowledge for youths.

In a very short time WDC having over 1.6 million followers around the world from 19 countries and growing every day from all part of the world ie Asia, U.S., Canada, Australia, Europe, and Africa.

Placement, WORLD DOROTICS COUNCIL inviting students for internship from any part of the world, to join us. Currently invitation has been open for 45 / 60 days to join team of:

Social media, Business Development with Mktg. & Sales, Web designing

You shall good communicator and shall have writing skills in English, Hindi and if you are from out Of India, you shall be highly good in your own local language as well.

Communicate:DA- 18, Vikas Marg, Delhi, India, indiabiag@gmail.com

Search DOROTICS and follow us on social media- #DOROTICSWORLD #DOROTICSdance #DOROTICSweightlifting #DOROTICSrace #DOROTICSphotvideo



Dorotics dance is a type of performance art that combines the movements of drones and robots to create a synchronized dance performance. In this type of performance, drones and robots are programmed to move in a coordinated and synchronized manner, creating patterns and movements that are choreographed to music.


DOROTICS Weightlifting

Dorotics weightlifting is a concept that combines drone technology and robotics to perform weightlifting exercises. The idea behind drone robot weightlifting is to use drones and robots to lift heavy weights and perform weightlifting exercises with precision and accuracy.



Dorotics racing is a type of competition that involves racing drones and robots through an obstacle course. The goal of the race is to complete the course in the shortest amount of time, while avoiding obstacles and completing challenges along the way.


DOROTICS Photo & Video

Dorotics Photo & Video can be used for capturing stunning aerial videos and photos from unique perspectives. With their high-resolution cameras and advanced imaging technology, drones and robots can capture stunning aerial shots that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional cameras.


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